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Birmingham Coca-Cola Bottling Company United and the Birmingham Education Foundation are partnering up to bring you the second annual installment of College 101, this year in a new, exciting, year-long campaign! College 101 is the source for college-bound Birmingham City high schoolers and their parents/guardians.  We want to equip YOU with the knowledge to get into college, the tools to succeed and the motivation to get there!

…More about Birmingham Education Foundation

BEF is a non-profit 501(c)3 whose main goal is to be an ally for the Birmingham City School system and the students therein.  Our staff members work towards progress in the following four focus areas (strands):

1.  Parental Involvement

2.  College- and Career Focused High Schools

3.  Pre-AP programming

4.  Professional Development for School Leaders

The mission of the Birmingham Education Foundation (BEF) is to bring the voice of the community to Birmingham City Schools’ leadership and to work with that leadership to provide a range of support to allow the system to fulfill its mission and vision. We do this with a vision that the children of Birmingham will be fully prepared for success in the work and life. We believe unequivocally that current circumstances should not be a barrier to future success.




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Throughout 2013-2014, College 101 events will take place at Miles, UAB and at each of our Birmingham City High Schools.  Events will include:

Fall 2013

This past fall we Kicked off Pep Rallies and Registration Events at each of the BCS high schools featuring Step Shows by Miles College and UAB, 95.7 JAMZ and our local College Champions and held Bi-annual College 101 campus tours.  BCS students were invited to attend a half-day tour and presentation at two of our most esteemed local higher-ed institutions to really get a feel for what life is like as a college student.  Sophomores visited Miles College and juniors visited UAB.

Spring 2014

February 2014: Information sessions featuring representatives from Alabama’s HBCUs at YOUR high school. Find out about the schools that YOU wanted to hear from. Keep in mind, when it comes to going to college, there are definitely no stupid questions.

February – March 2014: FASFA Workshops Birmingham City School seniors and their parents will be invited to take part in a series of FAFSA workshops.  Each school will host one weekday FAFSA workshop during which parents and guardians will attend a 30-minute presentation, and also have dedicated time to fill out FAFSA forms online, with the help of admissions and financial aid counselors from UAB.

April 2014: College 101 Spring tour at UAB.  This semester’s tour will include expert presenters from five different majors, departmental tours, and student panels intended to help familiarize students with the academic side of college. 

April 2014: High Achievers Tours at Samford and Birmingham Southern. Four juniors from each BCS high school will earn the chance the take these exciting and detailed tours of two of our state’s most competitive colleges. Participants will get to the chance to ask questions of a student panel, take in a mock lecture, and get a more in depth of the campus than is typically offered.





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On Blast

Throughout the program we will upload frequently asked questions form YOU the STUDENTS. Be sure to check back for updates and feel free to contact us with any College 101 questions!



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What is the benefit of having a personal computer?

-Make it easier to complete school assignments because at this time, colleges and professors are giving a large amount of their work online. Most colleges are WiFi enabled, and having a PC facilitates communication with professors and other students.

Does every school have an application deadline?

-Yes every school has specific deadlines for applications, to learn more visit the college’s website.

Are there deadlines for scholarship applications?

-Yes every school has specific deadlines for applications, to learn more visit the college’s website.

What are the freshman 15?

-The Freshman 15 is a slang term used to define the amount of weight gained by many college students that acquire poor eating habits as a freshman.

Am I eligible for government food assistance (SNAP)?

-Contact the county department of human resources that the college is in for more information on the SNAP program.

What type of meal plans are available?
-These differ from school to school. More information will be available on the school’s website.
How do I manage my academic and social schedule?

-Prioritize academics above social activities. The average student should spend 3-4 hours studying outside of class, per day. It helps to have a defined schedules for your day-to-day activities.

What is the average course load?

-12-15 hours

What is the difference between “Out of State” vs “In-State” tuition?
-Tuition refers to fees charged by universities and colleges for courses one takes through them.In-state refers to residents of that state and of course the other is referring to residents who do not live in that state. I believe the out-of-state tuition is higher because that person has not contributed to the state that the school is located in through any kind of tax assessments and therefore should receive no benefit from tax dollars that are given to the school to operate. is great resource for determining how much tuition will be charged at a given institution.
What is campus life like?
-Every school is unique, but there is a major difference between large and small schools. Campus tours can you figure out which one best suits your needs.
-Smaller schools have a more intimate classroom setting, and smaller student to faculty ratio
What school is right for me?
Look for a college that offers programs in your area of interest, meets your social needs, and fits your budget.
How do I get to know my professors?

-Introduce yourself on the first day of class, and inquire about their office hours.

How do I decide what to major in?
-This can be done at high school, or with the help of career counselor on your college campus
-Academic advisers at your school can help you with making this decision.

Hello students!

This spring we’re bringing you a tour that is a little different from the fall.  On Wednesday, April 16th we’ll be doing tours of seven different departments at UAB. Unlike last fall, this tour will be more focused on academics, and you will have a chance to tell us which tour you would like to take.  Please make sure to fill out all of the information below and select which major/department you would like to tour. Be sure to hurry, registration closes on the 11th!

Contact us for more info

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